Kite Vendors

Kite Vendors

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  • This is how you will be contacted and juried, if you have one.
  • You must provide a current copy of your Illinois Retail Sales Tax number certificate OR a copy of your Illinois Department of Revenue’s authorization of not-for-profit status annually for our records. HOW DO I GET AN ILLINOIS BUSINESS TAX ID? You can fill out form REG-1 Business Reg Form, mail and wait 6 weeks. Or you can go online @ http://www.revenue.state.il.us/Businesses/register.htm and get your ID in 2 days. If you do not have an IBT number, you may participate in this event, but the City of Ottawa is required to report your name and address to the Illinois Department of Revenue.
  • • Each vendor space is approximately 10” x 10” • Vendors are permitted to sell item(s)/product(s) from their booth space only. • Vendor must provide two (2) photographs of their item(s)/product(s). • Vendors are to provide their own tables, chairs, other display items • Booth spaces are assigned by the Event Coordinator and are assigned in order of receipt of all application paperwork and payment. We reserve the right to designate space assignments based on aesthetics and space considerations. • No subleasing allowed. If you buy a booth space, only you may occupy and sell from this booth space. No electricity will be provided,
  • Max. file size: 20 MB.
  • Price: $35.00
  • Price: $35.00
  • Price: $50.00
  • $0.00
  • WAIVER OF LIABILITY Please Note: Violation or falsification of ANY of the conditions as set forth in the following legal affidavit will result in the IMMEDIATE and PERMANENT LOSS of permission to sell any product at the event site. Event Affidavit I have read and fully understand the Rules and Regulations and all pages accompanied with the application for this event. If accepted into this event, I hereby agree to abide by all the Rules and Regulations adopted by the event. Further, I agree to sell at the event only such item(s)/product(s) as those listed in the attached application pages. I also acknowledge those item(s)/product(s) must be my own at the location(s) described on my application. I acknowledge full responsibility for all my activities in this event and for those assisting me throughout the term of the event. I acknowledge the authority of the Event Coordinator and event representatives to immediately settle any disputes regarding item/product legitimacy, procedural and vendor conduct violations, and impose any penalties, including suspension or removal from the event. I agree to allow the Event Coordinator and/or event representatives at any time to inspect items evidencing how/where the products offered for sale are produced. Failure to provide such proof for inspection will constitute a violation of event rules. I understand the City of Ottawa or Ottawa Visitors Center does not carry any insurance policies to cover individual participants in this event. I certify the information contained in this application is true and accurate. Hold Harmless and Indemnification The undersigned individual, partnership, corporation or limited liability company, its successors and assigns, in consideration of its partnership in this event, located at the Ottawa Riverfront , and other good and valuable considerations, the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, does hereby agree to hold harmless, indemnify and reimburse the City of Ottawa, an Illinois municipal corporation, its officials, employees, successors and assigns, from and against any and all actions, causes of action, claims, demands and expenses, including cost of defense and reasonable and necessary attorney fees, arising out of or in any way connected with the undersigned participation in this event, including, but no by way of limitation, claims for personal injury and/or property damage; excepting, however, any such claim or injury directly caused by the negligence or other conduct Ottawa Visitors Center, its officials, employees, servants and agents. The undersigned acknowledges and agrees that the terms of this Hold Harmless and Indemnification are contractual in nature and are supported by valid consideration. The undersigned represents that he/she has full and complete authority to execute this document. Dated at Ottawa, IL this ____day of ______, 2023. _______________________________________ ___________________________________________ Printed name of individual or entity Signature of individual, partner, or officer THIS IS A LEGAL DOCUMENT AND CONFERS RIGHTS ON THE CITY OF OTTAWA AND CREATES OBLIGATION AGAINS THE PARTY OR ENTITY SIGNING. YOU MAY WISH TO CONSULT AN ATTORNEY BEFORE SIGNING.


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